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When I am not programming in Python, I handle a real python.

Hi! I’m Miha,

A Data Scientist & Researcher 

I am a CEO @ founder at Predictive - a data intelligence company that specialises in energy forecasting.

Previously, I worked as a researcher for 10 years, helping energy companies utilize their data to improve network planning and operation using state-of-the-art approaches. I am also an author of multiple studies and scientific papers.

I started working with AI in Smart Grids in Slovenia years ago before AI even became popular. Since then, I have conducted comprehensive research and led pioneering projects in this field. Additionally, I am regularly invited speaker at various local & international events and have organized workshops and webinars on this topic (presentation from Value in Energy Data webinar is available HERE, and  webinar that I organized HERE).

I am currently completing my PhD thesis, and my main scientific paper is available HERE. It was a collaboration with leading researchers in the field, namely Yi Wang (professor at the University of Hong Kong) and Qingsong Wen (DAMO Academy, Alibaba Group). We were the first to introduce a new approach that has been utilized by tech giants such as Uber, Amazon, and Google for Load Forecasting in Distribution Networks.

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