When I am not programming in Python, I handle a real python.

Hi! I’m Miha,

A Data Scientist & Researcher 

I work at Electric Power Research Institute in Slovenia and my main research field is Data Analytics and Machine Learning in Smart Grids.

I studied Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Ljubljana, Slovenia. After my graduation, I started working at our institute and was focused on long-term distribution network development, which gave me deep insights into how the industry works.

Later, I became fascinated about probabilistic load flow calculations, where things become alive since you are simulating actual network operating states. This further enables you to assess different smart grid solutions under different circumstances. Somehow I have found Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course and I instantly fell in love with the field. The only thing I have had in mind is let's learn these methods and apply them to real-world problems in our industry. I am still excited about this! What excites me the most is combining my domain knowledge with new data analytics and machine learning approaches.

Later on, I also enrolled in a Ph.D. study, where my field of research is about using machine learning in the scope of demand response.

In 2018 I started a LinkedIn group AI in Smart Grids, as I wanted to connect all the experts working in this field. Group turned out to be a huge success and this website is an extension of it, where you can find everything in one place. As far as I know, this is the first online resource dedicated to AI in Smart Grids!

Since I have started AI in Smart Grids group a lot of people contacted me either after the presentations when speaking on conferences or via LinkedIn. Therefore, I decided to start writing blogs and have built this website to help others.

We are on a huge mission towards sustainable power grids. Artificial intelligence will definitely play an important role in a future Smart Grids. To implement new sustainable technologies that would allow a greater share of renewable energy, we need cooperation.

My main goal is to make the electrical energy industry more transparent. I am so excited about future challenges and I am looking forward to being a part of the change the energy industry is facing!